• FO07.27-PB 92/2016 Test report

    Application-specific tests Mechanical and environment-related performance of inflatable joint-sealing systems from Wolf Kabeltechnik GmbH [more]

  • FO07.43-PB 127/2013 Test certificate

    Reusability of sealing cushions (valve) coated with swelling material. [more]

  • FO04.120-PB 141/2013 TEST CERTIFICATE

    Comparison in the attenuation change caused by fibre optic water detectors in coloured cabled bend-sensitive and insensitive cabled single-mode fibres [more]

  • FO 00.00 Overview

    Assessment of cables and connecting elements under operational conditions. Testing and evaluating the most common faults: properties connected with design, manufacture, installation, assembly, and ageing. [more]

Welcome to Fibre Optics CT

Test laboratory for cable

We run an independent laboratory for cable-testing on the basis of over 45 years' experience with cables and standards. We have our own testing facility, which is unique in that we can carry out on long cable lengths all the mechanical and environmental tests (static and dynamic tensile and temperature cycling tests etc,) required by the standards IEC/ DIN EN 60794-1-2. The tests are reproducible and correspond to real-life environmental and operational conditions, so that they provide clear, objective evidence of cable quality.


We make our extensive know-how available in the preparation of assessments and fault analyses, as well as in the optimisation of existing testing methods and the development of new methods for testing and sample-conditioning.




Our aim is to improve cable quality in accordance with, or based on, DIN EN standards, so that cable installations become more reliable and have a longer service lifetime, while at the same time costs for financial penalties and maintenance are reduced. Within the framework of our product qualification system, we offer users and cable producers clear, objective evidence of cable quality. If the outcome is positive, a seal of quality is awarded.



Fiber Optic Training courses

We have been giving praxis-related seminars on the themes of optical cables, water detectors and sealing technology since 1995. In addition to the presentation of theoretical background and depending on the topic, the seminars include practical demonstrations of how to search for faults and install devices for fault detection.