Product qualification system Quality seal

Our aim is to improve cable quality, attain greater reliability and a longer service life for cable installations and reduce liability and maintenance costs.


Within the framework of our product qualification system, we provide cable users and manufacturers with reliable quality certification. A quality seal is awarded for positive results.



Compliance mark (quality seal)
The purpose of the quality seal, which has a registration number for cables, connection elements and systems, is to give users, fitters and suppliers (competition) comparable information, certifies that the product has been tested by a neutral, accredited testing institute in a reproducible way and on the basis of the specifications in public standards,.

The quality seal is only awarded if the results fulfil the requirements of international/national standards (e.g.  the national advisory body UK 412.6 "Optical fibre cable and sub-systems"), or if the prescribed properties and property changes that correspond to the current state of technology are fulfilled under environmental and ageing conditions.

Approval tests
In order to obtain the quality sea, approval tests must be carried out at regular intervals.

Test certificate
All tests results are presented as a comparison of specified and actual values, along with details of the applicable testing standard etc.