Test laboratory for optical, electrical and signalcables

With over 30 years' experience with cables and standards and our own testing facility, we use the most up-to-date methods of carrying out static or dynamic tensile, pressure and temperature cycling tests under environmental and operational conditions, in order to assess the quality of cables and connecting elements. All tests are reproducible and follow Fibre Optics CT's own test specifications. If the client so wishes, he may be present during testing.

We determine and evaluate the mechanical and trans-missional property changes that occur during and after testing. and support our clients with advice regarding the detection or correction of faults.

Besides optical and electrical cables, we also test fusion splice and plug connections, sensors, cable seals and connecting sleeves.

Test spectrum: functional, environmental and ageing performance


e.g. Static or dynamic
tensile strength test on
cable lengths up to 100 m.

Transmission, pneumatic or
climatic tests in combined
forms are also possible








Combined tests


Determination of optical, lectrical,
pneumatic, mechanical and/or
climatic property changes in cables,
plug connections, fusion splices,
optical fibre sensors, etc.










Determination of
optical, mechanical
and pneumatic
property changes

Environmental performance
and ageing.

A combined transmission
and climatic test is also




Determination of the tightness and
dentresistance of cables, ducts,
connecting elements (sleeves) and
cable sealing with temperature cycling.











Functional, environmental
and ageing tests

Determination of the tightness
of cable sealing/ environmental
and ageing performance of shrink
or mechanical seals.

  • ageing and storage,
    thermal ageing
  • seal resistance to petrol,
    diesel, oil and
    chemical mixtures
  • installation and removal
    at extreme temperatures