Transmission cable tests

Determination of transmission property changes in optical and/or electrical cables.

Optical water detectors, fusion splice and plug connections before, during and after being subjected to environmental, mechanical, tensile and/or temperature stress.

If the client so wishes, he may be present during testing.

Testing in the presence of TÜV Süd:
This option is particularly recommended where proof of faults is required for court cases.




Optical measurements

Attenuation coefficient at ambient temperature and/or attenuation change during temperature cycling.

  • Determination of attenuation jumps at the cable ends and in the cable, and determination of the attenuation coefficients for the shortest, medium and longest fibres previously selected after measuring the fibre excess length, as well as for all the remaining fibres connected together.
  • Sample lengths < 200m up to  > 3000 m,
    with approx. 1000 m dead zone fibres at both cable ends.
  • Test temperature: ambient temperature

Electrical measurements

  • Determination of transmission property changes
    as a combined test, for mechanical testing

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Range of tests

Optical measurement
Polarisation mode dispersion (PMD test)

PMD change during temperature cycling

  • Temperature cycling
    (lengths up to 2000 m)
  • Static/ dynamic
    tensile stress
    (lengths up to 200 m)
  • Optical fibre length measurement
  • Stress measurement after ageing
  • Optical fibre elongation measurement
    in acc. with IEC 60794-1-2/ method. E1B

Attenuation change

Determination of attenuation change during temperature cycling

-    fusion splice connection
-    plug connection
-    water detectors

  • Backscatter method of measurement
  • Sample length 20-50 m
  • Temperature cycling
    max +100°C, min. -70°C

All specimens have approx. 1000 m dead zone fibres
at both cable ends.