FO 00.02-1 Cable properties

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Case 1:
A comparison between information according to the manufacturer’s data sheet and the test results of “Tensile performance and cable bending under tension” (operational and installation conditions, under tension, with fixed S-shaped deflecting bends.


Cable properties according to the data sheet and in reality
Data sheets that quote IEC / DIN EN standards give the impression of high reliability


Standard requirement: Optical external cables DIN EN 60794-3 (VDE 0888 Part 108)
Mechanical properties according to the manufacturer:

Max. number of fibres



up to 48

Outer diameter



11,0 + 0,5





Min. bending radius


Without tension
With tension

15 x D
20 x D

Max. tensile strength


After installation
For a short period


Max. lateral pressure


After installation
For a short period


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