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FO 00.03 Function test on prototypes

Created by M. Wolf |

Function test on prototypes!
Swelling-tape coated sealing cushion QAK/V for service entries in buildings and walls for FTTH, photovoltaic, wind energy and bio-gas installations, movement/expansion joints etc.


Product features:

  • Speedy subsequent sealing
  • Immediate sealing against water, dust, smoke and noise
  • Vibration-resistant sealing
  • Sealing is grease-free
  • No adhesion, reusable several times after the swelling tape has fully dried out.
  • Lightweight. Weight difference in relation to standard Vaseline petrolatum sealing tape: Type L: 45%; Type S for joint sealing: 82%
  • Tight up to 10 m water column (immediately on contact with water)
  • The sealing cushion has a long service life
  • Temperature resistant from -30°C to +50°C (temporarily +70°C)

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