Testing lab for optical and electrical cables as well as signal cables

We run an independent laboratory for cable-testing on the basis of over 45 years' experience with cables and standards.

We have our own testing facility, which is unique in that we can carry out on long cable lengths all the mechanical and environmental tests (static and dynamic tensile and temperature cycling tests etc,) required by the standards IEC/ DIN EN 60794-1-2. The tests are reproducible and correspond to real-life environmental and operational conditions, so that they provide clear, objective evidence of cable quality.

We make our extensive know-how available in the preparation of assessments and fault analyses, as well as in the optimisation of existing testing methods and the development of new methods for testing and sample-conditioning.

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PG-FMPB-2 - Test principles for reusable pressure-filled movement-joint

Created by M. Wolf |

for granting general technical test certificates for reusable pressure-filled movement-joint p-seals, types I and II, where the base structure is concrete and/or steel and where the seal is against non-pressing water, railway ballast stones and fire

PG-FMPB-2 (Part 2: Basic test metho)

  • mechanical and environmental tests

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